• Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Advising Executors

We advise executors of deceased estates on their duties and also are willing to act as executors ourselves. We are happy to just advise, or to perform the entire task.

Our experience ranges from administering large estates in several jurisdictions, to advising a surviving spouse how to deal with a modest sized bank account and house.

The time required to wind-up an estate varies according to the size and number of assets and where they are located. Close family members, charged with the responsibility of winding-up an estate themselves often find the task to be a constant reminder of their grief, which can delay the healing process. We are happy to take over in such circumstances.

For those clients who feel confident in administering a deceased estate, but just want some guidance at the very beginning, we offer a one hour special consultation. During this, the whole process is explained.

For consulation please email or call the main switchboard (416) 504-2259.