Asset Protection

Asset Protection is the genesis of this law firm’s practice.

What does Asset Protection encompass?

Most people immediately think of asset protection trusts, situated in offshore tax havens. We do establish offshore trusts in many exotic locations, from The Cayman Islands to Switzerland and beyond. Also, we create International Business Corporations (“IBC’s” ) in these locations.

But we do much more.

We advise and structure domestically, to protect clients' assets from hostile spouses, clients and business partners.

We litigate court cases to protect clients from bankruptcy and to seek discharges, for those who are already bankrupt when they come to see us.

We advise on “painless bankruptcy”, as a means of getting a fresh start, free of debt. Our team even help you lawfully obtain credit cards whilst bankrupt. If measures short of bankruptcy are preferable, we will explain those to you.

All manner of commercial disputes have been litigated by us. Over a 30 year career, Andrew Rogerson has extensive experience as counsel, at trial and in appellate courts.

Similarly, we fight for the rights of beneficiaries. We protect executors, where there are disputes over inheritances, or failure to provide for next-of-kin. Estate litigation is an area of the law in which our cases have set precedents and have been the subject of articles in professional journals.

On a different level, we vigorously defend professionals who are constantly at risk of baseless complaints to their regulators. We offer mature and experienced representation before disciplinary tribunals.

Our team looks forward to advising you as to how you can best protect your assets.

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