Cross Border Litigation

Andrew Rogerson has spent his 30 plus year career litigating cases with an international element. He has practiced, and made his home, in exotic tax havens such as the Turks and Caicos Islands and Jersey, Channel Islands; as well as major financial centres such as London, England, and Toronto. Cross-border litigation is something that Andrew and his team understand, and can easily swing into action with in local courts, and quickly bring in their overseas colleagues to assist as required.

A very recent example of this, is the case of Gillies-Smith v Smith, in which we secured a world-wide Mareva (asset freezing) order in the Ontario Superior Court. The team then worked, at great speed, with our colleagues in the Cayman Islands, to freeze assets there; which consisted of diamonds, houses, a yacht and several large bank deposits. The judge’s decision actually changed the law of the Cayman Islands and it rapidly became known, across the offshore legal community, as a very important precedent.

An article on this case appeared in STEP Journal for August 2011, Cayman joins the Club.

For all international matters, your initial point of contact is Andrew Rogerson: or call (416) 504-2259