Estate Planning

  • Wills, trusts & estates including taxation issues
  • Shareholder agreements and partnership agreements

No matter what size your estate is, a properly structured will is essential to ensure that those you wish to benefit are properly looked after with minimal disruption. Will drafting is a key element of our estate planning practice. In the more straightforward cases, where spouses are leaving their estates to each other, we can usually achieve all of your objectives in two visits.

We invite you to read one of our articles on the importance of having a will entitled Who Gets The Airmiles...?.

With the more complex estates, we bring to bear our significant experience in tax and liquidity issues. The firm regularly works in conjunction with our clients’ accountants and insurance advisers.

Trust drafting (for use onshore and offshore) is similarly at the core of our practice. Trusts can be used for estate freezes, asset protection and imply benefitting minors and disabled family members. May we invite you to the following articles on our website: The Trust Advantage, The Trust Concept and Trusts-Asset Protection and Bankruptcy Law.

Many of our clients are partners and shareholders in small businesses. We frequently draft agreements for them to set out what will occur on the death, disability or retirement of one of the partners or shareholders. In this area again, we work closely with accountants and insurance professionals on tax, valuation and liquidity issues.

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