Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyers Toronto, Barrie & GTA

Our Bankruptcy lawyers provides sympathetic, resolute legal advice and help for clients in financial distress. Many people who come to us for help are in desperate financial straits and feel they have nowhere else to turn.

We advise and represent:

  • Individuals who are facing bankruptcy
  • Individuals facing an opposed bankruptcy discharge
  • Individuals seeking to protect assets from creditors or other third parties
  • Trustees in bankruptcy

The team, led by bankruptcy lawyer and asset protection specialist Andrew Rogerson, has more than 30 years’ experience working with clients in financial difficulties – whether their money and assets are in Canada or in other jurisdictions.  The team includes experienced litigator Rob Rastorp and Arash Jazayeri, a former Crown Counsel with the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Offer a ‘painless bankruptcy’

We are highly skilled in assisting each of our clients in a supportive, constructive way, empowering them to achieve a ‘painless bankruptcy’ where possible.

How do we do this?

We have keen insight into how an individual’s assets might be restructured in such a way as to either avoid bankruptcy. When appropriate, we will work with our Asset Protection team so we can best protect your assets from creditors on bankruptcy.

Alternatively, we will advise you to enter into a consumer proposal.

What is a consumer proposal?

This is a legally binding process administered by a bankruptcy trustee who will work with you to develop a ‘proposal’ to:

  • Pay back some of the debt to your creditors or
  • Extend the time period during which you agree to pay back creditors (to a maximum of five years)

If, having discussed your circumstances and your options with you, we advise that bankruptcy is inevitable, we work to ensure the process is as tolerable as possible for you. We also support and help you face the future to enable you to make a fresh financial start.  For instance, we are often able to help clients lawfully obtain credit cards during a bankruptcy period.

Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyer

Rogerson Law Group has a strong, litigation practice with lawyers who have acted for clients all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

We litigate on behalf of our bankruptcy clients when necessary, representing clients in court to protect them from bankruptcy.  When appropriate, we will seek bankruptcy discharge orders for clients who have been made bankrupt by the time they seek our help.

We also act for clients, including trustees in bankruptcy, who are seeking to protect assets which have been wrongly transferred by an insolvent individual for the sole purpose of avoiding bankruptcy.  We will aggressively pursue third parties who transfer assets to avoid bankruptcy.  We have successfully overturned such transfers for our clients.  For instance, we succeeded in obtaining the reversal of a Family Court order allowing the transfer of a Husband’s property to his Wife in an attempt to keep the property ‘safe’ from his creditors.

What should I do?

Contact us now.  If you are concerned about bankruptcy, or assets in which you have an interest but have been transferred by an insolvent individual, we have the specialist experience to advise you on the way forward.

Our bankruptcy lawyers can help you deal with your bankruptcy, insolvency or bankruptcy litigation (if required) in the entire GTA including Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Barrie and other areas. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Toronto and Barrie.

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