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Remaining in Canada After Your Canadian Visa Expires

By Andrew Rogerson LLB (Hons) TEP Temporary residents in Canada are foreign nationals who enter and remain in Canada for a set period of time on the strength of a Canadian visa as a visitor, international student or foreign worker.

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Doing-it-Yourself vs. Hiring a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

By Andrew Rogerson LLB (Hons) TEP The process of temporarily or permanently immigrating to Canada can be quite complicated and expensive for those seeking to do so. Although Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) clearly notes on their website that foreign

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Canadian immigration and tax issues for would be immigrants and non residents

Canadian Immigration By Andrew Rogerson LLB (Hons) TEP STEP Journal – September 2011 Immigration Categories The investor scheme requires CAD800,000 to be lent to the Canadian government for five years, interest-free. The government permits qualified investors to use financing from

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada will Temporarily Cease Accepting New Applications

By Andrew Rogerson LLB (Hons) TEP Effective July 1, 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will temporarily cease accepting new applications to the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and Immigrant Investor programs. This temporary moratorium on new applications has been enacted so

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Canadian Immigration Continues Despite Temporary Federal Skilled Worker Freeze

By Andrew Rogerson LLB (Hons) TEP The majority of the over 60 Canadian immigration programs have, and will continue, to accept applications despite a temporary freeze on the acceptance of applications for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program. Many prospective

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Fraudulent Conveyances, How the Bankruptcy Court can set aside fraudulently obtained Orders of the Family Court

Setting Aside Fraudulent Conveyances – A New Judicial Trend? by Andrew Rogerson TEP STEP Journal – October 2009 In a landmark ruling, the Ontario Superior Court has rejected the so-called Collateral Attack defence, much used in Fraudulent Conveyance litigation. The

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Can’t Pay Your Student Loans?

July 15, 2013 – By Arash Jazayeri As tuition has been increasing over the years, student loan debt has become more and more of a burden. If you are struggling to pay off your student loans years after finishing your studies, is bankruptcy

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Mareva Mechanics

The original, abridged article, was published in STEP Journal, Vol. 21, Issue 5, published June 2013. Andrew Rogerson provides a practical guide to successfully obtaining worldwide freezing orders Generalist litigators in onshore jurisdictions are more often being called upon to

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Are Students Consumers Entitled to Protection?

By Arash Jazayeri Time was when a university education wasn’t just a mark of distinction – it was something close to a guarantee of a good job.  Study hard, go to university, get decent marks, get a degree, get a good job

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