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Andrew Rogerson meets The Consul-General of Japan, Takako Ito

On November 24th, The Consul-General of Japan, Takako Ito hosted the annual National Day Reception at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Toronto, to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. This photograph is of Andrew Rogerson and

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Important Win for Rogerson Law Group

Andrew Rogerson, and litigation lawyer Robert Rastorp, have won a significant case which clarifies important legal issues.  They successfully represented the plaintiff in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice in an action alleging malicious prosecution, emotional distress and employment termination related

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Post-Panama Papers

Andrew Rogerson addresses STEP Arabia Andrew Rogerson addressed lawyers and other professionals on Post Panama Papers – What does the future hold for the Fiduciary and Corporate Services Business?  at the STEP ARABIA meeting on 26 June at the Capital

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Immigration Appeal: order stayed for compassionate reasons

Rogerson Law Group has won an important immigration appeal on behalf of a doctor from Saudi Arabia who was ordered to leave Canada for failing to meet the residency obligations under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).  The board

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Another Asset Protection Law Firm Award for Rogerson Law Group

Rogerson Law Group has won another award for its Asset Protection work.   The team has recently won Asset Protection Law Firm of the Year 2016, from Legal Comprehensive Law Awards 2016 in recognition of the firm’s strong and robust Asset

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Are Offshore Tax Havens Legit? The Panama Papers in Context

I have given several interviews recently on the Panama Papers and have expressed the view that very other than some electoral fallout for a few politicians, little seems to have flowed from the revelations. To try and give some perspective to my

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What is Professional Regulation?

Professional regulation is the regulation of various professionals for the protection, safety and well-being of the public.  Disciplinary tribunals and misconduct proceedings are undertaken by professional regulatory bodies against professionals who are alleged to have breached their professional duty of

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What is Bankruptcy?

The prospect of personal bankruptcy is never one to relish, but if you are in a financial crisis you may think it’s the only option left for you.  The Personal Bankruptcy lawyers at Rogerson Law Group have years of experience

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Our Middle East Services

Rogerson Law Group advises high net worth and ultra net worth clients in Dubai and elsewhere in the Middle East region, both directly and via their local advisers in banks, trust companies, law firms and accountancy firms on asset protection

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Disciplinary Proceedings: nurse made ‘scapegoat’

A ruling against a nurse at a disciplinary hearing at the Ontario College of Nurses raises concerns over practices that are common place within a working environment, but where one individual is allegedly singled out and penalised.  Rogerson Law Group

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Skilled Workers: Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTP)

Skilled workers in certain trades can obtain Canadian permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Trade Class – a program under the Express Entry program.  This program is applicable to potential applicants with training and work experience such as welders, carpenter, bricklayers, cooks

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New Start-Up Visa: unique business opportunity

If you are one of those people who has a brilliant idea to start a business, and has the capability to raise capital or find investors, the new Start-Up Visa may be a unique opportunity for you. New Start-Up Visa Program

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Islamic Asset Holding and Legacy Planning

Andrew Rogerson spoke at STEP conference Issues of asset protection and planning for the future affects all clients everywhere, and international clients invariably face additional challenges, including Muslims who require Sharia-compliant legal services. Andrew Rogerson, who is highly experienced in cross

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Student Bankruptcy Loan Lawyers – Find out your options

New cohorts of students have recently been starting schools and colleges, while others are going back to continue their studies – and it is an increasingly expensive business.  An issue facing the vast majority of students is that of student

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Health Professionals, Refresher Training – and Disciplinary Action

Health professionals, whether doctors, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists, and the like, are required by their licensing bodies to undergo refresher training at regular intervals.  Where a health professional fails to keep up with the required training, they risk being disciplined and

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Ontario Wants Tax Paid Sooner

Andrew Rogerson and Joseph Gyverson provide commentary to Canada’s largest daily newspaper on changes to Ontario’s Estates Administration Tax Act. Rogerson Law Group Expert Lawyers Provide Commentary on Estate Tax to Canada’s Largest Daily Newspaper Andrew Rogerson and Joseph Gyverson were

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Immigration to Canada through the Express Entry System

Are you interested in immigrating to Canada permanently as a skilled worker? Retain an immigration lawyer at Rogerson Law Group to guide you through the Express Entry System, Canada’s new application management system for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal

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Professional Misconduct: a Rogerson Law win

Rogerson Law Group has won an important appeal against a Registrar’s ruling denying registration of a real estate salesperson on the basis of her past conduct. The ruling makes clear that the Registrar must do more than simply rely on

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Professional Misconduct: regulation of health professionals

Health care professionals face increasingly burdensome regulatory obligations in today’s consumer focussed marketplace.  Patient care is necessarily paramount, but the risk of regulatory scrutiny is correspondingly high, with tightening of regulations a continuing trend.  Rogerson Law Group’s Professional Misconduct and

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Rogerson Law Group: Expert Speakers at Cross-Border Litigation Conference

Andrew Rogerson and Rob Rastorp spoke at a conference on Cross-Border Litigation Strategies on Thursday, 19 February 2015. They provided expert insight to other lawyers on Mareva Mechanics in Cross-Border Litigation at The Bond Place Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. A Mareva

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