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Canada’s 2014 Federal Budget Proposes Elimination of the 60-Month Residency Exemption for Immigration Trusts

Canada’s February 11, 2014 federal budget eliminated the tax benefits of immigration trusts for new residents of Canada. This is a radical change to Canada’s tax regime in regard to immigration trusts which could have adverse tax consequences for many

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Investment in Canada and the Impact of Bill C-60

Canada has the second largest landmass in world and is rich in natural resources, from oil and minerals to freshwater and lumber. Its workforce is highly educated and skilled, it is among the world’s leading industrialized countries with a stable

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Can’t Pay Your Student Loans?

July 15, 2013 – By Arash Jazayeri As tuition has been increasing over the years, student loan debt has become more and more of a burden. If you are struggling to pay off your student loans years after finishing your studies, is bankruptcy

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Are Students Consumers Entitled to Protection?

By Arash Jazayeri Time was when a university education wasn’t just a mark of distinction – it was something close to a guarantee of a good job.  Study hard, go to university, get decent marks, get a degree, get a good job

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