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Asset Protection Lawyer

Asset Protection Lawyers

Our niche Asset Protection practice is built on years of solid international legal experience in both offshore and onshore jurisdictions. We establish offshore trusts in exotic locations from The Cayman Islands to Switzerland and beyond. We also work in the following areas: protecting domestic assets, bankruptcy litigation, commercial litigation and estate litigation.

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Civil Litigation Lawyers


Our highly experienced team of civil litigation lawyers handle general domestic litigation in addition to cross border litigation, bankruptcy and estate litigation.  The range of cases that we handle is wide, ranging from contractual disputes, residency disputes to defamation. Notable

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Corporate and Commercial Lawyers


The corporate/commercial team of lawyers at Rogerson Law advises a wide range of business entities ranging from entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses – to large corporations and financial institutions. The team is led by Adam Wiseberg, a business and finance

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Cross Border Family & Estate Litigation Lawyers

Cross Border Litigation Lawyers

“Andrew brings a lot of international knowledge and experience to the table” We live in a global society and work in an international marketplace.  Geographical boundaries are easily traversed.   But those boundaries are not inconsequential – and where there are disputes involving

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Employment Lawyers

employment law

We have experienced counsel in the area of employment law who will provide you with sound advice and strong effective representation with your employment related matters. We advise and represent both employers and employees. Our employment lawyers understand the reputational

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Government Liaison


Rogerson Law Group offers its clients professional legal services and a high level understanding of government gained through firsthand experience. The 2008 financial crisis, 2009 Eurozone crisis, and volatile world markets highlighted the value of robust economic policy.  Canada’s economy

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Hague Convention and Cross Border Matters


International marriages where the parties are from different countries are very common.  However, where international marriages break down the resulting problems can become extremely complex – particularly where children and assets are involved. The Hague Convention on Child Abduction is

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Immigration Appeals & Immigration Lawyer Canada


Our specialist Immigration lawyers are uniquely experienced in the law of Immigration to Canada and how it works in practice.  We advise both individuals and businesses with all their immigration issues.  If it is your goal to live and/or work

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Commercial Litigation Lawyers


Our team of seasoned commercial litigation lawyer are constantly mindful of the commercial risks of being party to a business dispute.  For this reason, our commercial litigators seek to aggressively pursue our clients’ claims,or defend claims against them, to protect their business

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Professional Misconduct and Disciplinary Tribunals


Professional negligence and professional misconduct are complex areas of law requiring a multi-faceted approach.    Successfully representing members of a licenced profession in misconduct cases and before disciplinary tribunals commands specialist litigation skills and an astute understanding of the different professions

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CRA Appeals & Tax Litigation Lawyers


Governments are increasingly taking measures to clamp down on tax evasion (sometimes called ‘tax avoidance’), dedicating more and more resources to recover tax from both businesses and individuals. Whilst there are entirely legitimate means for minimizing the tax payable by

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Tax Residency and Structuring


Rogerson Law Group has a strong Canadian tax structuring and tax residency practice. Andrew Rogerson has years of experience advising and representing on Canadian tax issues, including structuring in offshore tax havens whilst practicing in the Caribbean and the Channel

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our Bankruptcy lawyers provides sympathetic, resolute legal advice and help for clients in financial distress.   Many people who come to us for help are in desperate financial straits and feel they have nowhere else to turn. We advise and represent: Individuals

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