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What is Professional Regulation?

Professional regulation is the regulation of various professionals for the protection, safety and well-being of the public.  Disciplinary tribunals and misconduct proceedings are undertaken by professional regulatory bodies against professionals who are alleged to have breached their professional duty of

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Disciplinary Proceedings: nurse made ‘scapegoat’

A ruling against a nurse at a disciplinary hearing at the Ontario College of Nurses raises concerns over practices that are common place within a working environment, but where one individual is allegedly singled out and penalised.  Rogerson Law Group

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Health Professionals, Refresher Training – and Disciplinary Action

Health professionals, whether doctors, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists, and the like, are required by their licensing bodies to undergo refresher training at regular intervals.  Where a health professional fails to keep up with the required training, they risk being disciplined and

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Professional Misconduct: a Rogerson Law win

Rogerson Law Group has won an important appeal against a Registrar’s ruling denying registration of a real estate salesperson on the basis of her past conduct. The ruling makes clear that the Registrar must do more than simply rely on

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Professional Misconduct: regulation of health professionals

Health care professionals face increasingly burdensome regulatory obligations in today’s consumer focussed marketplace.  Patient care is necessarily paramount, but the risk of regulatory scrutiny is correspondingly high, with tightening of regulations a continuing trend.  Rogerson Law Group’s Professional Misconduct and

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Professional misconduct: a teacher found guilty but keeps his job

Individuals facing disciplinary or professional misconduct charges are usually devastated at the allegations against them and have to endure distressing investigations and possible suspension meanwhile. There are also serious implications for the individual’s career – even if the allegations are

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