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Capacity to Marry: protecting the vulnerable?

Getting married is invariably one of the happiest days of anyone’s life, but if one of the parties has not consented to the marriage – it’s a different story altogether. Unfortunately, in Ontario proving that one spouse lacked capacity to

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Escaping a Predatory Marriage

For a legally valid marriage in Canada, each party must have the mental capacity to enter into marriage. The problem is, the standard for capacity to marry is very low: only a minimal understanding of the nature of the marriage

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Why Should You Consult a Family Lawyer in Barrie before divorcing?

In Canada, the laws governing the divorce processes are dependent on the province or the territory that you live in. But, overall the main family federal law, namely the Divorce Act, applies to all divorced- or divorce-seeking couples. Federal vs

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Considering Divorce? Consult a Reputed Family Law Firm in Barrie

Marriage breakdown can be extremely stressful and traumatic for all parties involved. Therefore, you need a specialist family lawyer in Barrie who understands your predicament and one who you can trust.  Your lawyer should be able to help secure a

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Dealing with International Family Disputes & Cross Border Divorce

Family disputes increasingly transcend geographical borders, involving other countries and complex jurisdictional issues in the context of legal proceedings.  This trend reflects the reality that families are commonly spread near and far – with many family members living, studying or

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Spousal and Child Support: conduct and retroactive awards

Disputes involving financial matters on divorce, such as spousal support and child support, are a potential source of much stress and heartache, but cooperation between the parties makes the path of resolution smoother and quicker.  The experienced divorce and family

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