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Child Support Lawyers Barrie, Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

When parents separate and divorce, an issue uppermost in their minds is: what happens about child support? You may already have a child support agreement (or order) in place but need to vary it, and you require urgent legal help. Unfortunately, issues relating to children and their financial support can quickly become the subject of a dispute between the parents – particularly if circumstances change. The experienced family and child support lawyers at Rogerson Law Group are available to advise you now.

How is child support calculated?

Child support in Ontario is arranged either online; by written agreement with the other parent/caregiver; or by order of the court. Essentially, child support is calculated based on the number of children, where the paying parent lives, and their annual income.

However, child support laws are relatively complex. Whilst the Ontario Child Support Guidelines usefully provide tables that take into account each parent’s income and the number of children in a family, then decide the amount of support payable monthly to the parent with custody of the children – the majority of cases are not quite that simple.

The Guidelines provide useful guidance on cases that are outside of the norm, for instance, where a child’s residential time is split between the parents, and so on. Other issues that can complicate matters include where a parent is self-employed; where certain payments/items need to be taken into account (eg stock options and commission; daycare costs; business expenses/deductions); and where one party does not provide full financial disclosure as is legally required.

Protect your child’s rights

Child Support Lawyers Toronto, Barrie

Our goal reflects yours: to best protect your child’s interests by securing child support payments that are fair and reasonable, whatever the circumstances. We strongly advise you to take expert legal advice from our experienced child support lawyers if:

  • You are separating and you have children
  • You need to pursue the best possible financial arrangement for your child/ren, or
  • You need to vary an existing child support arrangement because, for instance, your or your ex-partner’s financial or other circumstances have changed

Where necessary, we will also help a parent enforce child support arrears where the paying parent is in breach of their obligations.

The Team

The family and child support lawyer team is led by Andrew Rogerson, the firm’s founder. He is assisted by Matthew A. Giesinger and James Bennett , who complement our domestic and international family law practice.

Contact Rogerson Law Group at (416) 504 2259 – Our experienced Family & Child Support Lawyers can offer you sound & strategic advise for domestic (Greater Toronto Area) & international family disputes or litigation involving multi-jurisdictional matter. You can consult our family & child support lawyers in our Barrie & Toronto office.