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      Peter S. Spiro

      Peter S Spiro


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      Peter Spiro’s work as counsel for the Rogerson Law Group focusses on tax litigation, estate planning, and private school litigation.

      His understanding of finance and investment analysis as well as the law, gives him a unique perspective to assist clients involved in complex tax disputes and estate planning issues.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked for more than 20 years in senior economic policy and finance positions with the Ontario Government, helping to design tax legislation and undertaking investment return analysis for infrastructure and pension planning.

      He has published many articles in leading professional journals, both in law and economics.  His analysis has made him one of Canada’s most cited experts on the problems of tax evasion and the underground economy.


      • Osgoode Hall Law School, JD
      • University of Chicago, MA, Economics (completed courses and comprehensive exams for PhD)
      • University of Toronto, BA and MA in Economics

      Canadian Tax Foundation’s Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Distinguished Writing Award  (2015, co-winner with J.R. Kesselman)

      Academic Prizes at Osgoode Hall Law School:

      • Stringer LLP Award for Labour and Employment Law;
      • Howard S. Black Prize in Estates;
      • Fogler Rubinoff LLP Prize in Debtor/Creditor Law;
      • Martin J. Rochwerg Prize in Tax, Estates and Trusts Law;
      • Women’s Law Association of Ontario Prize in Estate Planning.

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