Government Liaison

Rogerson Law Group offers its clients professional legal services and a high level understanding of government gained through firsthand experience.

The 2008 financial crisis, 2009 Eurozone crisis, and volatile world markets highlighted the value of robust economic policy.  Canada’s economy came out strong, and continues to develop partnerships across borders, creating jobs and new opportunities. Canada has significantly boosted trade and investment ties, and reoriented its policy towards global markets, having concluded, engaged in, and explored cross border negotiations at an unprecedented scale.  People and goods are more mobile than ever.

Canada is a key destination for global commerce.  It has low taxes on new business investment.  Market access.  A highly educated workforce.  Thriving research and development.  And it is a great place to live!

Rogerson Law Group draws on access to experts around the world and inside Canada, and experienced counsel who have worked in both law and government.  Grasping policy while tailoring legal needs to work best for individual clients can translate into a significant advantage, whether the subject matter is of an official or private capacity.