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Rogerson Law Group: Wills & Estate Lawyer Toronto, Barrie & GTA
With a Cross Border Estate Litigation Experience

Being aware of your legal rights and responsibilities so that you can collaborate with skilled lawyers and think up out-of-the-box solutions for a variety of legal issues is the first step when you want to stay at the top of your life situations concerning legal matters. Andrew Rogerson realized the importance of a good law firm right from the year 2006. It was the same year when Rogerson Law Group was established with a history that went way back to 1981.

Over the years, having developed into a full service law establishment, Rogerson Law Group specializes in Asset Protection, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning along with Cross Border Estate matters and is equally adept in Probate & Estate Administration, Will Disputes and Estate Litigation.

Disputes that traverse across countries and jurisdictions set a team led by Andrew Rogerson into action. They are internationally renowned for handling cross border litigation and its legal issues. The jurisdictions span Australia, South Africa, London, Jersey (in the Channel Islands) and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our efficient way of resolving disputes has won us “Asset Protection Firm of the Year” for Canada at the ‘Claw Awards 2014’ while Andrew Rogerson was recently honored for being one of the best 500 lawyers in the world by the InterContinental Finance & Law Magazine.

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Asset Protection Lawyer

Asset Protection Lawyer Toronto, Barrie, ON

Rogerson Law Group’s niche Asset Protection practice has steadily been built over the years on concrete international legal experience in offshore and onshore jurisdictions. Our practice is headed by cross border advocate and asset protection specialist barrister Andrew Rogerson. His cross border experience is unparalleled and so brings in international experience and knowledge to the table.

Rogerson Law Group was awarded “Asset Protection Law Firm of the Year” for the second year in a row. Establishing offshore trusts in exotic locations, protecting our client’s assets and safeguarding against bankruptcy are just some of our forte areas. Contact our asset protection lawyers for a consultation.

Estate Lawyers Toronto, GTA – Will, Probate & Estate Litigation

Estate Lawyers Toronto, Barrie, ON

Our estate lawyers specialize in estate litigation, drafting Wills & Trusts, Probate and Administering of Estates. Having a will to protect your estate and loved ones is required for every individual. This helps to secure their future should calamity strike. Our probate and wills services offered at Rogerson Law Group provide expert, dedicated facilities to our clients.

So if you wish to make a claim against a deceased estate, draft a will, set up a trust or if you’re an estate trustee facing legal action concerning the administration of a loved one’s estate, seek to understand potential implications of separation or saving the estate and potential beneficiaries’ tax, we are experts at following an aggressive yet sympathetic approach.

Consult our Toronto estate lawyers for expert legal help regarding your will & estate matters.

Family Lawyers Barrie, Toronto, GTA & Cross-border

Family Lawyers Toronto, Barrie, GTA

When relationships end up in divorce, it can lead to trying times ahead for all the parties involved. In such cases, handling the legal complexities of a divorce and separation can be traumatic. The lawyers at Rogerson Law Group understand your concerns very well.

We guide our clients objectively so that financial arrangements with regards to children and property are smoothly handled. Our family lawyers are able to easily negotiate divorce settlements with expertise in Child Support, Custody and Domestic Contracts by representing and directing you through each stage of the court proceedings.

Contact our  Family lawyers in Barrie & Toronto to consult regarding your family or divorce issues anywhere in Greater Toronto Areaa.

CRA Appeals & Tax Litigation Lawyers

Tax Litigation Lawyers Greater Toronto Area

The tax lawyers at Rogerson Law Group comprise of formidable litigators who are backed by years of experience and possess valuable insights in cross border matters. The tax issues we assist our clients with include Tax Disputes and Tax Appeals with the Provincial Ministry of Revenue, the Canada Revenue Agency and Audit notices from the CRA.

Our tax lawyers have wide experience in handling tax disputes and have emerged victorious in negotiating solutions and obtaining penalty reductions for clients in cases that include unfiled returns or unremitted sales tax, responding to tax audits & tax appeals and voluntary disclosure applications among others.

Consult our tax lawyers if you have any questions regarding your personal or business tax issues, tax audits or other matters concerning the CRA.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy Lawyer Toronto, Barrie, ON

Our bankruptcy lawyers possess more than 30 years of experience in handling clients by providing them with resolute legal advice and help so that they can overcome their financial distress. We advise and represent individuals facing an opposed bankruptcy discharge, third party trustees in bankruptcy and those who wish to safeguard their assets from creditors. It does not matter whether your money is in Canada or other jurisdictions; our bankruptcy lawyers assist clients in a supportive and constructive way.

Our keen insights pertaining to how an individual’s assets can be restructured help clients avoid bankruptcy. Contact our bankruptcy lawyers for expert legal advise anywhere in Greater Toronto Area & Barrie and surrounding areas.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Rogerson Law represents a wide array of commercial and business clients who bring their complex commercial disputes to us. We thus work aggressively to pursue our client’s claims and defend claims against them so that their business interests are well protected. We also provide advice that requires lesser legal assistance to resolve conflicts with various contractual parties which include regulatory and administrative proceedings, bankruptcy and insolvency along with cross border disputes.

We work as a team to provide approaches that are strategically arrived upon based on an all round analysis. Sometimes, you don’t require going to court to resolve matters and so we provide our clients with advice when we see that mediation with an independent third party is more suitable. Contact our commercial lawyers for a consult.

If you need to talk to a qualified lawyer at Rogerson Law Group, you can contact us at (416) 504-2259. Rogerson Law Group provides estate planning, estate litigation, probate & wills, asset protection, bankruptcy, family law and other legal services in the entire Greater Toronto area including Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Hamilton, Sudbury, North Bay and Barrie with offices located in Downtown Toronto and Barrie.

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Our Achievements
Business Excellence Consumer Choice Award of the Year 2018
Consumer Choice of the Year 2018 Barrie
Awarded Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2017 by Worldwide Financial Advisor Magazine
Litigation Law Firm Award 2017
Awarded Asset Protect Law Firm of the Year 2017 by Lawyers Worldwide Magazine
Lawyers Worldwide Magazine Awards 2017
Global Excellence Awards–Best Cross-Border, Wills & Estate Law
ICFM Leading Lawyer Award - Andrew Rogerson
ICFM 500 Leading Lawyer 2017 Awarded to Andrew Rogerson

Corporate Insider Winner
Legal Award 2017
Global 100 Winner - 2017 Asset Protection Law Firm Canada
Global 100 - 2017 Asset Law Firm Award