Tax Residency and Structuring

Tax Residency and Structuring

Rogerson Law Group has a strong Canadian tax structuring and tax residency practice.

Andrew Rogerson has years of experience advising and representing on Canadian tax issues, including structuring in offshore tax havens whilst practicing in the Caribbean and the Channel Islands. His cross-border tax work has extended to countries including Switzerland and in the Middle East, notably in Dubai.

Andrew regularly visits clients in London and Dubai who need specialist legal help to structure their affairs, with a view to minimizing their Canadian tax liability when moving to Canada (or when they send family to live in Canada). His clients include lawyers, accountants and banks.

In addition, he advises trust companies on issues including the viability of trust and corporate structures to be used by clients with Canadian connection. Andrew also advises clients, in conjunction with offshore trust companies, on how to structure businesses and assets in a tax efficient way; and advises Canadian residents wishing to venture offshore who request advice on offshore tax planning and asset protection.


Andrew’s extensive publications and lecturing on offshore tax planning and the use of offshore structures make him the ‘go to’ lawyer for Canadian tax residence issues.

His article on Tax Residency in Canada is used extensively by offshore lawyers and other advisers in assisting their clients with a potential tax connection to Canada.

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