Islamic Asset Holding and Legacy Planning

Andrew Rogerson spoke at STEP conference

Issues of asset protection and planning for the future affects all clients everywhere, and international clients invariably face additional challenges, including Muslims who require Sharia-compliant legal services. Andrew Rogerson, who is highly experienced in cross border asset protection, spoke at the STEP Arabia conference in Dubai on 8 November 2015.

He addressed the conference delegates on the subject of Asset Holding and Legacy Planning in the Islamic World.  Further important topics include developments in global taxation, structuring for real estate assets and trends on private equity.

International clients and the CRA

There has been a large focus in Canada in recent years on individuals and companies carrying on businesses internationally to ensure all taxes due to be paid in Canada are, in fact, paid in Canada.   This means international clients, including Muslims, are coming under closer scrutiny than ever before by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The STEP Arabia conference will provide vital professional guidance and updates to lawyers who advise clients on asset holding or legacy planning in the Islamic world – recognizing that Islamic law has not yet fully developed its own onshore equivalent of trust and civil common law.

How can we help?

If you need expert legal advice and assistance in cross border asset protection and estate planning, we can help, whether or not you require Sharia-compliant help.  The experienced cross border and estate planning lawyers at Rogerson Law Group have years of experience advising Muslim clients on the particular issues that affect their assets and estates.

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