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From the mundane to the exotic, our Toronto Estate Lawyers are adept at identifying out-of-the-box solutions for our clients. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Rogerson Law Group specializes in Wills and Trusts drafting, Estate Planning, Estate Litigation, Probate, and Administration of Estates, including Asset Protection and Cross Border matters. In addition, our estate lawyers Toronto are highly experienced in Estate Litigation and Will Disputes – including international disputes and matters involving assets and beneficiaries in other countries.

Our Toronto estate lawyers serve clients in Greater Toronto Area & Barrie with offices located in downtown Toronto & Barrie.

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We have a successful track record in ground-breaking cases, and are proud of our track record in sound Will Drafting and timely Estate Administrations.

Our practice is led by barrister Andrew Rogerson who has earned an international reputation for his formidable experience. He has practiced in jurisdictions spanning South Africa, Australia, London, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Wills Lawyer Toronto – Change or Draft a Will – Will Disputes

It is important that you give careful thought to securing the future of your loved ones, be it spouse, parents, siblings or children to ensure your assets are passed on to the right beneficiaries after your demise. The best way to do this is by getting an experienced wills lawyer in Toronto who will be able to carefully draft a will to ensure your estate goes to your chosen beneficiaries. At Rogerson Law Group, our experienced wills lawyer will guide you so you can make an informed decision on what happens to your movable and immovable assets after your demise. While it can be morbid to think about your impending death, having a will is a must. It protects your loved ones and ensures their future is taken care of when you are no longer around. You can expect dedicated and prompt service from our estate and wills lawyers. Our estate planning and will services include reviewing of an existing will, drafting a new will, conducting inheritance tax planning, establishing trusts, and estate planning, among others things. We service Greater Toronto Area and Barrie, Ontario.

Estate Litigation Lawyers Toronto, Barrie & GTA – With Cross-Border Litigation Experience

An estate trustee can end up facing legal action regarding the administration of an estate or you may want to make a claim against a loved one’s estate or in case of a will dispute, estate litigation becomes a possibility. For any of these situations, you should have experienced and knowledgeable estate litigation lawyers advising you and helping you overcome the lawsuit in a successful manner. At Rogerson Law Group, you can depend on the expert service of our estate litigation lawyers who serve Toronto, Barrie and entire Greater Toronto Area. Our estate lawyers can help you in different aspects of estate litigation, right from advising you on how to proceed when facing legal action, to making a claim on a deceased estate. We also have cross-border litigation experience in case your assets span across multi-country jurisdictions. In all situations, our dedicated team of estate litigation lawyers will carefully assess all circumstances related to the case, including the background situation of your claim before we offer our advice or begin the proceeding. From simple to complicated estate issues, at Rogerson Law Group we can handle all estate litigation with finesse. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Probate Lawyers and Estate Administration Toronto

It can be difficult to deal with the estate of a loved one, who has just passed away. Inspite of it being an emotionally overwhelming experience, it has to be dealt with in a timely manner. You have the option of easing your burden by hiring a probate & estate administration lawyer like Rogerson Law Group who can help you in tough times to ensure your estate administration can be completed the right way in accordance with the probate laws. We ensure the assets of the deceased are collated and then distributed based on the terms of their wills. If the deceased has died intestate (without leaving a will), we can help you ensure the wealth is distributed in accordance with the statutory rules of intestacy. We also deal with creditors and can help discharge the deceased person’s debts so that you are not overwhelmed or stressed out in any way. Our probate and estate administration lawyers are especially very skillful when it comes to dealing with cross-border estate litigation or multi-jurisdictional cases.

Estate Planning Lawyers Toronto, Barrie & GTA

Estate planning is important to ensure you and your loved ones are secure today and tomorrow. At Rogerson Law Group, you can avail dedicated estate planning service. Our estate planning lawyers will understand your objectives and concerns and then offer the necessary advice that is customized to your specific situation. Estate planning is far more comprehensive than a will. Our lawyers offer strategic advice that takes care of your specific concerns including implication of an impending divorce, possible ways in which you can save on estate and potential beneficiaries tax, or ways to ensure regular financial income to a loved one. With years of estate planning and advice experience, we make sure you enjoy optimal benefits and have peace of mind knowing that when you are no longer there your money and other assets will be taken care of just the way you wanted.

The Firm…

The firm was established in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario and is expanding steadily, reflecting the increasing internationalization of business and commerce. Also, the vast international nature of Canadian society comprising individuals of different nationalities owning assets in other jurisdictions means a growing need for cross border legal assistance. The estate lawyers at Rogerson Law have international skills and experience to meet those needs.

…our Vision

We aim to consolidate our practice with an even stronger legal team, providing further international and litigation support to our Estate Litigation, Probate and Administration teams.

Today, the firm serves clients as far as London and Dubai – where Andrew Rogerson visits regularly.

Where we are

The firm is based in Toronto and Barrie. Contact our estate lawyers in Toronto now for immediate assistance.

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