Mr. Rogerson judged among Best 500 Lawyers in the World

Asset Protection Lawyer

Asset Protection Lawyers

Asset Protection Law Firm of the Year 2014-15

Rogerson Law Group: voted Asset Protection Law Firm of the Year for the second year running by FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2014

Andrew Rogerson was recently honored by being adjudged one of the one of the Best 500 Lawyers in the World by InterContinental Finance & Law Magazine.

“Andrew brings a lot of international knowledge and experience to the table”

ICFM 500 Leading Lawyer 2016 Award - Andrew RogersonThe niche Asset Protection practice at Rogerson Law Group is built on years of solid international legal experience in both offshore and onshore jurisdictions. Our practice is headed by asset protection specialist barrister and cross border advocate Andrew Rogerson who has an international reputation for his cross-border experience.

The Asset Protection team includes Rob Rastorp, a litigator who advises and represents clients on bankruptcy issues and disputes involving assets abroad.

What does Asset Protection encompass?

We establish offshore trusts in exotic locations from The Cayman Islands to Switzerland and beyond.

But it is much more than this.

Our offshore team also creates International Business Corporations (‘IBCs’) in offshore locations. In addition, our wide range of Asset Protection work includes:

Protecting Domestic Assets

Protecting our clients’ assets from, for instance, hostile spouses, clients and business partners.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Representing clients in court to protect them from bankruptcy. When appropriate, we will seek bankruptcy discharges orders for clients who are bankrupt by the time they seek our help.

Commercial Litigation

Protecting – or seeking to secure – clients’ assets which are subject to court proceedings. Our advocacy experience extends to representing clients at trial all the way up to the appellate courts.

Estate Litigation

Representing beneficiaries who are seeking to protect their inheritance from third party claims, or who are asserting a legal right to assets in a deceased estate. For instance, we make claims on behalf of clients who have not been provided for in a deceased’s will. Our litigation team also represents executors in contested deceased estates. Andrew is a Fellow of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)


In addition to bankruptcy litigation, we advise on ‘painless bankruptcy’. This is a means by which indebted clients can achieve a fresh start financially – free of debt. Our team is often able to help clients lawfully obtain credit cards whilst bankrupt.

If you are concerned about possible bankruptcy, we have the specialist experience to advise if you are able to avoid bankruptcy but alternative measures.

Representative Work

  • Estate Litigation is an area of the law in which our cases have set precedents and have been the subject of articles in professional journals.
  • Freezing Orders: In a ground breaking development in Cayman Islands law, Andrew and his team successfully applied for a ‘free-standing’ Mareva injunction in Gillies-Smith v Smith (Cause #0173/2011), having previously obtained a Mareva Injunction in Ontario. The freezing order was granted by the Cayman Island Grand Court, following arguments fashioned on basic principles set out by Lord Denning in the very first Marevas injunction – even though there were no substantive proceedings in the jurisdiction. Critically, the judge refused to follow an earlier authority of the court. As a result of the ruling, the free-standing Mareva enables assets located in Cayman to be frozen, in aid of overseas proceedings – even though there is no separate cause of action in Cayman.  Andrew’s analysis of the case and its implications is published by STEP Cayman joins the club
  • Cross-border Family Litigation: Andrew successfully represented the wife in the case of Wang (Hong Wang (aka Jennifer Wang) and Wei Lin FS-12-377 681) an acrimonious family dispute in the Canadian courts which involved very wealthy spouses who immigrated to Canada from China. The judge had to consider critical issues about the authority of the Canadian court to rule in matters involving highly mobile and wealthy immigrants. The case involved millions of dollars held in overseas tax havens, significant bank accounts, expensive properties in both countries, as well as the couple’s children. Andrew and his team obtained a freezing order on behalf of the wife to prevent her husband moving any assets beyond her reach in a future divorce settlement. This was followed by a similar order in the British Virgin Islands. Child custody issues also arose and Andrew successfully represented his client in resisting claims that she had removed her children from China.

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