Cross Border Excellence. Experienced Litigators.

From the mundane to the exotic, our lawyers are adept at identifying out-of-the-box solutions for our clients.

Rogerson Law Group specializes in Litigation, Asset Protection and Cross Border matters. We are highly experienced in litigating Estates disputes and Bankruptcy, both in domestic cases and across a wide variety of international cases.

We have a successful track record in ground-breaking cases.

Alternate dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration is an increasingly important focus of the practice, reflecting the growing awareness of the financial and business benefits of resolving disputes out of the courtroom. The growth of our arbitration practice is testament to the fact that we have an approachable yet high powered team that is prepared to work hard to mediate instead of litigate when it is in our clients’ best interests.

Our niche Cross Border practice is led by asset protection specialist barrister Andrew Rogerson who has earned an international reputation for his formidable experience.  He has practiced in jurisdictions spanning South Africa, Australia, London, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Jersey in the Channel Islands.

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The firm…

The present firm was established in 2006 with a history going back to 1981. It is expanding steadily, reflecting the increasing internationalization of businesses and commerce.  Also, the vast international nature of Canadian society comprising individuals of different nationalities owning assets in other jurisdictions means a growing need for the best cross border legal assistance available.   The lawyers at Rogerson Law have the international skills and experience to meet those needs.

…our Vision

We aim to consolidate our practice with an even stronger legal team, providing further international and litigation support to our Estate Litigation, Bankruptcy and Family law teams.

Today, the firm serves clients as far as London and Dubai – where Andrew Rogerson visits regularly.

Where we are

The firm is based in Toronto and has offices in Ottawa and Barrie.  Find out where we are.

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