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Governments are increasingly taking measures to clamp down on tax evasion (sometimes called ‘tax avoidance’), dedicating more and more resources to recover tax from both businesses and individuals.

Whilst there are entirely legitimate means for minimizing the tax payable by both individuals and businesses (off shore companies, for instance), there are occasions when the authorities see fit to instigate a claim for tax. In many instance, these claims need to be defended.

The tax lawyer at Rogerson Law Group include formidable litigators who have years of experience behind them with specific expertise in cross-border matters.

Tax issues we assist clients with include:

  • Tax disputes & tax appeals with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Tax disputes & tax appeals with the provincial Ministry of Revenue
  • Audit notices from the CRA or a Request for Information

We advise you not to deal directly with the tax authorities without expert legal representation in any circumstances.


Information provided by a taxpayer in response to an audit questionnaire, or even in a friendly chat with the tax auditor, can result in the taxpayer facing criminal charges.  In other circumstances, the taxpayer could be assessed substantial gross negligence penalties in addition to the tax assessment.

Tax litigation and dispute resolution is a highly specialised area of the law that should only be handled by an experienced Canadian tax lawyer.  It’s important to note that unlike a qualified lawyer, your accountant is not licensed to give you legal advice.  Nor can he or she give you the protection of lawyer-client privilege.

Our specialist tax litigation lawyers, have years of experience representing clients on their tax problems covering a wide range of tax disputes.  Our firm has successfully obtained substantial tax and penalty reductions for our clients in cases including:

  • Defending tax-related criminal charges arising out of undeclared income
  • Unfiled returns or unremitted retail sales tax
  • Appealing tax assessments
  • Responding to tax audits & tax appeals
  • Voluntary disclosure applications, and negotiating payment arrangements

Negotiating a solution

We do not always have to resort to court to bring our clients’ cases to a satisfactory resolution.  We are seasoned negotiators: this means where we can reach a mutually acceptable resolution that is favourable to our client that will avoid a lengthy, expensive court case – we will do so.

Where an acceptable settlement cannot be agreed and court action becomes necessary – we will aggressively represent our clients.  This means we will present their cases with all the means at our disposal to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

What should I do?

If you are facing a tax claim or believe you are owed tax from the authorities, we can give you the strategic legal advice you need. We will put our extensive years of tax experience to help you resolve your tax dispute.

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