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Family Law Lawyers Barrie, Toronto & GTA – With Cross Border Expertise! Divorce Lawyer Toronto, Barrie & Greater Toronto Area

Divorce Lawyer Toronto, Barrie & Greater Toronto Area

Marital breakdown, separation and divorce are difficult, stressful and potentially expensive situations. Dealing with the aftermath of a marriage breakdown can be highly confusing – but the law is there to help you. The experienced divorce lawyers at Rogerson Law Group will explain the relevant law to you sympathetically and in layman’s terms, so you can understand how it will apply in your unique circumstances.

Our Divorce Lawyers Follow an understanding approach

Divorce Lawyers Barrie, Toronto

If you are considering divorce or going through a marriage breakdown, you need the best possible lawyer with a successful track record in securing fair settlements in a timely manner. Our divorce lawyers understand how important it is to clients that they are able to move on with their lives as quickly as possible. This is particularly important where children are involved.

Our approach to clients is founded on empathy and understanding. This means we are able to build trust with our clients who depend on a solid and potentially lengthy relationship while we guide them through their divorce and financial settlements.

Where mediation or arbitration is likely to resolve the matter quickly and relatively cheaply, we advise our clients accordingly. However, we ensure our clients understand exactly what their options are so they can make an informed decision about how they wish us to proceed.

A strategic approach

Our team also takes a strategic and objective approach: we work hard to come up with a solution that is both practical and fair. In order to do this, we examine the entirety of our client’s circumstances including both parties’ assets and liabilities, our client’s future income and capital needs, the background to the case, whether there are children involved, and so on.

We work hard to avoid expensive litigation where possible – employing our negotiation skills effectively on behalf of our clients. However, where court action becomes unavoidable, we pursue our clients’ interests aggressively in order to best protect those interests and achieve the best possible result for them.

Divorce Lawyer with Cross-border Expertise

Rogerson Law Group is internationally renowned for its cross-border and asset protection experience in divorce and family law cases. We are regularly called upon to advise and represent divorce clients, both domestic and international, where there are assets owned in foreign jurisdictions.

Our Team of Divorce Lawyers in Barrie & Toronto

The family and divorce lawyer team is led by Andrew Rogerson, the firm’s founder. He is assisted by Joseph Gyverson, Matthew A. Giesingerand James Bennett , who complement our domestic and international family law practice.

Contact Rogerson Law Group at (416) 504 2259 – Our experienced Toronto Divorce Lawyers can offer you sound & strategic advise for domestic (Greater Toronto Area) & international family disputes or litigation involving multi-jurisdictional matter.