Rogerson Law Group cares about giving back to our community.

At Rogerson Law we are committed to ensuring marginalized people and communities have access to justice. That is why we are dedicated to giving back to our community though our pro bono work and through our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment to fighting back against bullying is at the heart of what we do. We fight back against bullying in private schools, the discrimination of indigenous peoples, and unfair regulatory policies affecting fellow lawyers

Beyond providing pro bono legal services to people and organizations in need, we are proud that many of our partners, associates and staff are also involved in advocacy initiatives focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

At Rogerson Law we are committed to doing what’s right, fighting abuse and bullying through our Victims of Private School Bullying practice and protecting the rights of Indigenous communities.

These are some examples of our recent cases.

Victims of Private School Bullying Practice

No child should be subjected to bullying. Our Victims of Private School Bullying practice, led by past Chair of the House of Commons Justice Committee Andrew Rogerson, is built upon our desire to help children and their families stop the tragic and destructive bullying that is so prevalent in our schools, particularly at private and independent schools in the province.


Bullying & Litigation: Mother Doe and Jane Doe v. Havergal College et al.


Jane Doe suffered extreme, unrelenting bullying from classmates while attending Havergal College. The severity of this bullying from her Havergal classmates was so intense that she attempted to take her own life on two separate occasions. In no way did Havergal College provide a safe environment for Jane Doe.

In April 2020, Rogerson Law Group commenced proceedings with Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice against Havergal College, Vice Principal Seonaid Davis, and two teenage girls, on behalf of a teenage girl whose identity is protected by the court and is therefore, referred to as Jane Doe. The claim is for damages and compensation in the amount of $38 million.

Since Ms. Doe’s story was made public, we have had other courageous ladies come forward to share their stories; some of which were first-hand experiences, others were stories of them witnessing bullying at the school.

We hope to bring about positive change by dismantling the toxic culture at Havergal College responsible for perpetuating and covering-up the bullying of children and young women. 

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Standing with Indigenous Communities

Rogerson Law Group is committed to standing with indigenous communities and fighting back against the bullying of indigenous peoples.

Rogerson recently successfully represented Chief Donald Mathias and the Capilano Indian Nation and Band (the Capilano Nation) before the Supreme Court of British Columbia addressing the Court’s jurisdiction to hear a matter involving the Squamish Nation.


Rogerson Law Successfully Represents Capilano Indian Nation and Band


The dispute arose from the Capilano Nation seeking relief against a federal decision maker in connection with an Amalgamation agreement that was established in 1923, which it argues led to an unjust allocation of Squamish Nation funds.

In its petition to the Court addressing the issue of jurisdiction, Andrew Rogerson successfully argued on behalf of his client that whether this Court has the jurisdiction to hear the Petition against the Squamish Nation cannot be determined solely on the basis of the relief sought against the Crown.

Ultimately, the court decided in Capilano Nation’s favour with respect to the Court’s jurisdiction to hear the Capilano Nation’s application and awarded costs of the application against the Squamish Nation.

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