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Our family lawyers in Toronto understand that when a relationship breaks down, resulting in separation or divorce, there tends to be a great deal of emotional trauma that accompanies the process.

This is why the experienced Family lawyers at Rogerson Law Group are adamant about providing effective yet sympathetic support when guiding our clients through the legal complexities of divorce, including the resulting financial matters. We serve clients across the GTA with offices in downtown Toronto and in Barrie, Ontario.

Often when going through a divorce, it’s hard to think about property and financial arrangements, especially when there are children involved. Where there are cross-border issues, the case becomes even more difficult for the parties involved. This is why obtaining clear and objective legal advice from a family lawyer makes all the difference. When necessary, we take a robust approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients in the most efficient way possible.

In many cases, we are able to negotiate effective settlements on behalf of our clients.

Divorce Settlements

The fastest, most cost-effective way to resolve family disputes is through a negotiated settlement. We will strive to negotiate a settlement on your behalf in situations where family property or matrimonial assets need to be divided. We will advocate tenaciously on your behalf to achieve the best resolution possible.

Where court proceedings become necessary, our family lawyers will represent you and guide you through each stage of the court process.

Assets Abroad? Our Cross-Border Family Lawyers can help!

Our family law Barrie & Toronto firm specializes in High Net Worth and Cross-Border cases. James Bennett is an experienced Divorce Lawyer with expertise in child support and child custody cases. He also frequently advises clients where there are assets and/or individuals located in other jurisdictions.  He works with clients, lawyers, and other parties both in the United States and overseas (including Bermuda, Turks & Caicos Islands, Europe, and the UK). James Bennett has a formidable record in successfully negotiating settlements and achieving positive results for his clients.

Additional Family Law Services

In addition to our main Family practice areas, our Toronto & Barrie Family Law Firm also offers:

  • Principled negotiations
  • Litigation services in case conferences, motions, trials, appeals
  • Legal research and opinions
  • Independent legal advice
  • Cohabitation advice
  • Domestic contracts
  • Marriage contracts
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • And more

Domestic Contracts

Our family lawyers provide comprehensive advice and representation on domestic contracts.  A domestic contract is a legally binding written agreement setting out agreed terms, such as the rights and responsibilities that the parties will be bound by in specified circumstances.  Domestic contracts include cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, prenuptial agreements and separation agreements.

If you are thinking about cohabitating or getting married or if your relationship is breaking down – our family lawyers can advise you on the most appropriate terms of a domestic contract to best protect your interests.

We recognize that each client and every case is unique.  We will:

  • Provide legal advice that gets to the heart of your case
  • Focus on understanding all of your objectives
  • Work closely with you to tailor a solution that is best for you and your family

When couples separate, arrangements must usually be made with regard to finances and property. Typical issues include:

  • What will happen to the family home
  • How family assets will be distributed
  • Who will pay support (maintenance)
  • What level of support is appropriate
  • What will happen to a pension
  • How to appropriately change a will

The law, as it relates to financial entitlement and property division, upon the breakdown of a relationship is complex. Our family lawyers have years of experience advising clients on these matters and have the expertise to advise on potential outcomes based on the facts of your case.

Where a solution can be found without a costly and lengthy litigation, we will find it for you.

Hague Convention Cases

There are many families living in Canada with international roots. It’s not at all uncommon to have families where one parent is from one country and the other from somewhere else. When this can become problematic, however, is upon the breakdown of the marriage—especially when children are involved. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is an international agreement used by lawyers to help protect children.

We have extensive experience in Hague Convention cases. If you have any concerns about the safety and well-being of a child, contact us right away. For more information about the Hague Convention click here.

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