Asset Protection: What We Can Do For You

One Size Does Not Fit All

Are you concerned about how your assets and wealth should be protected?  We approach each client as an individual, with a unique set of circumstances, and their own particular needs and goals.

This approach requires our lawyers to think outside the box, enabling us to provide each client with a bespoke service and tailored solutions that will work for them.  If you aren’t sure which path to take to ensure your wealth is effectively protected, we will do this for you in such a way that you have peace of mind as well as financial security.

We help clients whether their wealth is limited to Canada, or owned in Canada and across other jurisdictions.  Cross border issues do not faze us because we are highly experienced in cross border asset protection.

We’ll show you the way. 

What is the extent of your wealth?

We will first take detailed information from you about your wealth: what you have, where it is kept, what you are doing with it, what money and assets you expect to receive in the near future, who is financially dependent on you, and so on.

Your current circumstances?

We will ask you about your current circumstances.  Are you, for instance, about to get married, change employment to a highly-paid job, or going into partnership with someone? Are you considering a divorce, facing death, or unemployment? Are you concerned about your future tax liabilities?

These are some of varied circumstances that prompt clients to ask us to take steps to protect their wealth.

What are your goals?

We will discuss with you your short term and long term aims and goals. You may be facing imminent changes in circumstances and want to restructure your assets now to free up some cash; or you may want to create a trust fund for a child’s education; or you may want to protect your assets from a greedy partner or creditors.

You may have firm business goals and, for instance, want to avoid personal liability in respect of your business assets and obligations.  Whatever your goals – we will discuss these with you and show the best way forward.

Protecting your wealth and your future

Our lawyers are well-versed in the many ways in which you can effectively protect your wealth and safeguard your future.  Our award-winning principal, Andrew Rogerson, has decades of success advising and representing clients on their asset protection needs – both domestic and international.

Contact us now for help in protecting your wealth.