What is Asset Protection?

Anyone who owns money and assets of any kind, of whatever value, seeks to look after what they own – whether to ensure the best returns for them personally, or to protect those assets for future generations.   Today, there are increasingly flexible ways in which an individual may effectively protect their assets.

The Cross Border and Asset Protection lawyers at Rogerson Law Group have years of experience in advising individuals on asset protection – whether keeping the assets in the country of origin, or investing in offshore accounts and investments. Rogerson Law Group has been voted Asset Protection Law Firm of the Year for several years running; and Andrew Rogerson regularly lectures internationally on Cross Border and Asset Protection.

What is ‘asset protection’?

Asset protection is a means by which an individual protects their assets from anyone or any organisation who might later potentially make a claim against them, including:

  • General creditors (eg. on bankruptcy)
  • Potential beneficiaries
  • A spouse or former spouse
  • The tax man

In addition, asset protection can save you potentially large amounts of money in the long term through simply switching investments and bank accounts – securing a better return on your money.

Asset protection can often be best facilitated by changing existing assets or accounts into an offshore asset-protection trust or other investments. 

Strategic planning

Expert strategic asset protection advice from experienced lawyers who understand how asset protection works and the rules and regulations that apply, is critical: we can advise on how best to protect your wealth, including using offshore accounts and investments.

How can we help?

We advise everyone to have good, effective asset protection so that you can be sure that your assets retain their value and are protected from third party claims.  You should also keep all your investments and accounts under review, bearing in mind both your financial circumstances and your personal circumstances will unlikely stay static.

If you need help with asset protection – contact us now.  Our experienced Asset Protection lawyers will take detailed information from you, covering your assets and current financial situation, and your personal circumstances.  This will enable us to provide in-depth, strategic advice carefully tailored to your unique financial circumstances and interests, ensuring we achieve your desired goals.

Rogerson Law Group provides Cross Border and Asset Protection services in the entire GTA including Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, and Barrie and surrounding areas with offices located in downtown Toronto, Barrie, and an associated office Ottawa.

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