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Important Win for Rogerson Law Group

Andrew Rogerson, and litigation lawyer Robert Rastorp, have won a significant case which clarifies important legal issues.  They successfully represented the plaintiff in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice in an action alleging malicious prosecution, emotional distress and employment termination related

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Handling personal data requests from law enforcement agencies – Know Your Rights

If you or your business is facing personal data requests from the police or other law enforcement agencies, you may have legal grounds to resist such a request. However, in some instances your personal data could be released to agencies

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Contractors: when are they entitled to reasonable notice or pay in lieu?

The legal status of contractors in an employment context frequently arises in litigation, reflecting the potential implications of whether or not someone is an employee in law. Rogerson Law Group provides commercial litigation services in the entire GTA including Toronto,

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Are Students Consumers Entitled to Protection?

By Arash Jazayeri Time was when a university education wasn’t just a mark of distinction – it was something close to a guarantee of a good job.  Study hard, go to university, get decent marks, get a degree, get a good job

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