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Practice Areas

Tax Planning & Solutions

Wealth management and effective tax planning go hand-in-hand. Without good tax planning, and keeping your tax status and wealth under regular review, you and your business will not be at their most financially efficient.  Essentially, the best tax planning solutions will save you money.

Rogerson Law Group has a dedicated Tax team who are highly experienced in advising clients on the most effective tax planning structures for businesses and individuals.

There is an international move towards outlawing any activity that could be considered tax evasion, particularly in light of the recent Panama Papers scandal. We strive to ensure our clients abide by the spirit and the letter of the tax rules to ensure transparency with the authorities and others.

Tax Planning

We are adept at finding bespoke tax planning strategies and vehicles that best suit individual clients. This means we take full details of our clients’ businesses and personal wealth circumstances – and find a strategic tax plan that best suits our clients. Sometimes this requires a level of innovation. Whatever the issues, we find a tax strategy that best works for our clients.

The best tax planning reflects the continual changes in law and procedure, and our lawyers strive to keep up to date on the rules and regulations that affect our clients. Our wide tax planning services range from corporate tax planning to personal tax, including:

  • Domestic and international tax planning
  • Offshore tax disputes
  • Cross border tax issues
  • Sales taxes, capital taxes, property transfer taxes, customs duties, and GST
  • Tax shelter and charity tax scheme disputes
  • Real estate tax planning
  • Business and corporation tax
  • Income tax
  • Tax reporting for partnerships
  • Advising on the tax implications of proposed transactions
  • Corporate back taxes
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program
  • Taxation of executives and employee compensation
  • Inheritance tax

We regularly call upon specialist chartered accountants, forensic accountants and other professionals where our clients’ needs demand it.

What should I do?

Take expert legal advice. Our experienced tax planning lawyers will take detailed instructions and look at the whole picture. This means you will benefit from an objective, but detailed tax strategy that best achieves your goals.

The Team

The Tax Planning team at Rogerson Law Group, led by Andrew Rogerson (the firm’s founder) who is a member of STEP, and has years of experience advising and representing on Canadian tax issues, including structuring in offshore tax havens whilst practicing in the Caribbean and the Channel Islands.

We are highly experienced in Tax Planning and finding the best tax solutions for clients.