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by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

Thank you for representing us so well at our hearing. You were well prepared and professional -- B & M

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

What impressed me about Sean Larjani was that nothing was too much trouble for him, to help us.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

I was amazed to find that Rogerson Law Group had a mainland China law professor on its team. Mary Wang was a great help in explaining to us how to enter the Chinese market.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

Ellen Lee was incredibly patient with us in dealing with our very complex spousal sponsorship application. And, of course, it all worked out well!

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

Joseph Gyverson is acting for me on multi-jurisdictional probate matter. I find he has an amazing ability to distill complex points into easily understandable submissions, which have proved very effective indeed.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

Adam Wyberg reviewed and advised on a very high-value contract for my company to build a road in the Prairies. The deal only came together on the Friday afternoon. Adam worked right through the weekend for us. He has an amazing attention for detail, while never losing the big picture.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

I was introduced to the Rogerson Law Group for a dispute between my ex-business partner and I in August 2013. Rob Rastorp has done a great job giving the very best advice, and he was precise and very articulate regarding the smallest of issues. I will use Mr. Rastorp in future and will suggest him to my friends and families for legal assistance.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

Andrew represented our firm on two high profile litigation matters in the Bankruptcy Court resulting in very successful outcomes. He is an excellent litigator who is persistent in his approach and unflinching when confronted with vigorous opposition.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

What sets Andrew Rogerson apart from any other lawyer is the peace of mind he delivers when handling any of your legal matters. The worry of any legal matter can be overwhelming, however through his professionalism and developed talent, Andrew eliminates this.

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

I'm writing an article on Mr. Arash Jazayeri's legal service he provided me with regarding the Hague motion I launched in November 2016 out of my deep appreciation. The reason it took me this many months to write this article is most because of the lack of understanding regarding the impact of the Hague motion and its legal benefit we enjoy from its good outcome.

This past year, I witnessed the benefit and impact of the Hague motion that I launched in response to a case of a child abduction where one parent unilaterally takes away the child from the other parent or families and community without considering the impact of his/her action on the child's emotional development and the impact on the left-behind parent. During the most difficult time in my life, Mr. Arash Jazayeri and one another staff from the Los Angeles Attorney's Office were the two most helpful individuals. I will never forget their kindness and the level of commitment to their service.

These two professionals need to be recognized especially as the other lawyers in the US and government officials left the left-behind parents like us with a feeling of abandonment and helplessness leaving a huge scar on our heart. Although I was able to leave behind the sense of resentment, we need to know whom we can depend on and who are simply there for money or positions.

Mr. Jazayeri was introduced to me, through Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto, after the Hague motion went through the Canadian Central Authority. I called the consulate-general out of desperation after finding out the out-dated information on the lawyers in Toronto provided by the US government led me to the lawyers either out of reach or already retired. Mr. Jazayeri even let me help him as I had a bit of paralegal experience in the past so we could save time and money to have the case go smoothly. I have never met any lawyers from past career of any lawyer who would be so generous and understanding to his/her clients.

Thanks to his tremendous work, we were able to have a solid result from the Hague court that my son's home country is US and his legal matters can be settled in a court only 5 minutes drive from where I live. Now, my five-year-old son, lives with his mother in Ontario, which we agreed through a family court in California. But the big difference is that he is able to see his family, friends and community consistently as he has California as his home state. And most importantly, the decision can be made over his life until he reaches his legal age in California.

Being a Japanese citizen, the fact that the jurisdiction moved back to where I live has a huge impact especially since I would not have been able to have much say without Canadian residency or Canadian citizenship. Now, my wish is to fulfill my responsibility in California and move to Canada where my son lives sometime in the future with a full residency status so his mother and father can watch over our son's growth in this wonderful country.

I'm deeply grateful for Mr. Jazayeri's service and his patience to put up with me being such a desperate and frantic father at the time. I truly believe he is one truly responsible and respectable lawyer who deserves to be recognized by the local and international community.


Yukinori Gyokei Yokoyama

Minister of Long Beach Buddhist Church

by Anonymous on Rogerson Law Group

I was lucky to have you as my lawyer. Thanks for your gentleness and kindness you helped me through a difficult time. You have made a big difference in someone's life and career.