Offshore Trusts, Offshore Corporations, Offshore Bank Accounts: Help in Canada for former Hong Kong residents and their families

Did you or your parents come to Canada from Hong Kong? Before you left, did your family set up offshore bank accounts, offshore corporations or offshore trusts? Do you need help now with potential CRA tax problems?

Andrew Rogerson has practiced in the offshore trust and banking industry for many years: in the Turks and Caicos Islands and Channel Islands and, since 2003, in Canada. From his office in Bay Street Toronto and on his regular visits to London and Dubai; Andrew is able to help those people who, before they left Hong Kong, established offshore trusts, offshore corporations and offshore bank accounts. Since many of these structures were put in place, Canadian tax laws have changed considerably. There may be substantial liabilities to tax now and on the death of the family member who established an offshore bank account, offshore company or offshore trust prior to departing Hong Kong to start a new life in Canada. The structures may be perfectly tax compliant in Canada: in which case we can provide you with peace of mind. If the offshore structures are no longer tax compliant in Canada, then we can offer you advice to make the structure tax compliant. Asset protection may also be a factor that you require advice on. That can be given by Andrew Rogerson.

If you are a former Hong Kong resident who has settled in Canada who, before you left, established an offshore trust, offshore bank account or offshore corporation in jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI); then Andrew Rogerson will be pleased to advise you as to how you can deal with your personal situation. Whether you are a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI); an Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) or simply regard yourself as being a sensible person who has sought to protect their assets before coming to Canada; please feel free to contact Andrew Rogerson for advice as to how to proceed with your assets now you are a Canadian resident. The same applies if you are the heir or family member of a person who established an offshore trust, an offshore bank account or an offshore corporation before he or she left Hong Kong.

Andrew Rogerson may be contacted thus: or by calling his secretary on (416) 504 2259 to make an appointment to see him at Brookfield Place, 161 Bay Street, Toronto.