Immigration to Canada through the Express Entry System

Are you interested in immigrating to Canada permanently as a skilled worker? Retain an immigration lawyer at Rogerson Law Group to guide you through the Express Entry System, Canada’s new application management system for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class. The Express Entry System is designed to make Canada’s immigration system more efficient and more receptive and responsible to labour market needs.

Express Entry is not an immigration program in itself, but rather a system used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) to select candidates for immigration. It is an exciting opportunity for skilled workers around the world who are interested in immigrating to Canada to take advantage of the efficacy of this system. Advantages of the new Express Entry system include:

  • The ability of professionals with different skill sets in various professions and industries to apply;
  • there is no predetermined occupation list;
  • No job offer is required;
  • There is no limit to the number of people who may enter the Express Entry pool;
  • Faster and more efficient processing: if an applicant is invited to apply for permanent residence, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will process the majority of complete applications in six months or less.

The profiles are assessed for eligibility by the Comprehensive Ranking System (“CRS”). The CRS assesses the applicants on the basis of certain pre-determined criteria such as:

  • Age;
  • Linguistic skills;
  • Academic accomplishments;
  • Professional experience; and
  • Other deemed vital profile traits that can demonstrate ability of new immigrant in settling in the Canadian environment;

Express Entry, previously known as Expression of Interest, will be a faster and more efficient path to Canada bringing immigrants to fill vacant jobs for which there are no available Canadian candidates

Here is how immigration lawyers at Rogerson Law Group can guide you through the Express Entry System:

  1. We will conduct a preliminary assessment to determine whether or not you meet the minimum requirements for any of the programs included in Express Entry. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, our experts will work with you to explore the possibility of strengthening your application in order for you to meet the minimum requirements;
  2. If you are eligible, we will prepare and submit your Express Entry profile, aiming to achieve the maximum possible point under the CRS system.
  3. Once you are selected as a candidate to apply for permanent residence and an Invitation to Apply is issued, we will prepare your application for permanent residence and will submit it to CIC.

We encourage anyone who is interested to fill out our free assessment form or to contact us with any questions at