Considering Divorce? Consult a Reputed Family Law Firm in Barrie

Marriage breakdown can be extremely stressful and traumatic for all parties involved. Therefore, you need a specialist family lawyer in Barrie who understands your predicament and one who you can trust.  Your lawyer should be able to help secure a timely settlement saving you the stress and helping you move on in life as quickly as possible.

Every divorce case is unique so you need an experienced family lawyer in Barrie that understands your unique circumstances including the background of the case, assets and liabilities, future income, capital needs, whether children are involved, and so on. Rogerson Law Group, a highly respected Barrie family law firm can help you clearly understand your options so you can make an informed decision and arrive at a solution that is not only rational and fair but also avoids expensive litigation where possible.

Child Welfare

Important issues such as child support, custody, relocation, and welfare of child/ren are of prime importance when parents separate or divorce. Remember, child support laws are complex. So, an experienced family lawyer in Barrie like Rogerson Law Group can arrange for child support by written agreement between the parents or caregivers, or by a court order. In case the paying parent is in breach of the order, your lawyer will help you enforce child support arrears.


As per the law, spouses are considered to be in a ‘financial partnership’. A breakdown in marriage can lead to financial imbalance. Rogerson Law Group, your family lawyer in Barrie can efficiently address this need so that issues such as division of capital assets, spousal support, and other relevant issues are resolved. Discuss the relevant details with your family lawyer, such that you know how much spousal support you will likely receive/pay. If you feel that your or your spouse’s financial situation will likely change later, you can get your Barrie family law firm to ask the court to vary the spousal support payable.

The Matrimonial Home:

One of the most contested and important issue amongst divorcing couples is the matrimonial home. The law, too, gives it special treatment in terms of its value. Therefore, your family lawyer in Barrie should be able to assess and explain clearly how the law will apply in your case. 


Litigation can be long, stressful, and expensive. So, it is advisable to opt for mediation such that you can arrive at a sensible and amicable agreement for spousal support, division of matrimonial assets, or child access arrangements. In case you are unable to reach an agreement, a reputed Barrie family law firm such as Rogerson Law Group can arrange mediation on your behalf. However, if you are a victim of domestic violence, mediation may not be the appropriate solution as you are in a vulnerable situation and need protection from the perpetrator.

Same sex marriage

The divorce laws in Barrie apply in the same way for same-sex marriages. However, the only condition that you need to fulfill is that you should have been habitually residing in a Canadian province for 12 months. Same-sex marriages also have specific issues including children, child custody, and validity of the marriage in other countries or states (for example a same-sex marriage that took place in another country, may not be valid in Canada). All these issues make it difficult to obtain divorce, resolve financial matters, and divide the assets. A Barrie family law firm, well-versed in all matters pertaining to same-sex marriage can help you get a fair and reasonable settlement.

Pre Nuptial/Separation Agreements

Due to rising discord amongst spouses, pre-nup/separation agreements are becoming a popular practice. It is a formal written contract that binds a couple to agree to the terms of agreement. You can include details such as division of property, who pays bills and debts, who gets the matrimonial home, car, pets, access to bank accounts, amounts and frequency of spousal and child support payments, custody of child/ren, and so on in the agreement. Remember, the agreement is considered valid only if it is in writing and signed by each party in the presence of a witness. You can seek help from your Barrie family law firm, to alter the agreement later if both of you so wish.

No matter what your concern, Rogerson Law Group, one of the most trusted Barrie family law firms will take a strategic approach keeping your interests central such that you reach a solution that is practical and fair.