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Divorce/Family Lawyer Barrie – With Cross Border Expertise! Mediation ; Simple Divorce Solutions…we are for it!

Mediation ; Simple Divorce Solutions…we are for it!

Taking your spouse, ex spouse or ex partner to court is best avoided if possible because litigation is very costly, stressful and takes a long time. Family disputes are invariably best resolved through sensible, calm negotiations between the parties, whether the issue is spousal support, division of matrimonial assets, or child access arrangements.

Alternatively, mediation is a simple divorce solution and can prove highly successful in enabling the parties to reach an amicable solution and avoid expensive litigation. The experienced family and divorce lawyers at Rogerson Law Group can arrange mediation on your behalf if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreeable solution. With offices in Toronto and Barrie, family lawyers at Rogerson Law Group serve Greater Toronto Area, Barrie & around.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is, essentially, face to face discussions that take place between the parties with the help of a mediator who is also present. The mediator will be a neutral third party and is usually a professional, such as a lawyer or a trained family mediator. The mediator’s role is to help the parties communicate better and, importantly, help them reach a mutually agreeable settlement or resolution. We can put you in touch with suitable mediators.

What are the benefits?

You do not have to go down the mediation route. If you do, the benefits include:

  • Mediation can help avoid needless conflict
  • You can leave mediation at any time
  • Mediation can help you focus on the important issues
  • Mediation can enable you to reach a solution quickly
  • It can contain conflict between the parties
  • It is less formal than court action
  • It is a private process

If you are able to reach a final agreement through mediation, you can avoid expensive court action. However, any agreement reached should be reviewed carefully before signing it – we will make sure all your interests are protected before we advise you to sign an agreement reached during mediation.

Mediation is not suitable for everyone. For instance, if any form of face to face discussion is not possible because you have been the victim of domestic abuse, we know that mediation will not be a viable option for you.

The Team

The family and divorce team is led by Andrew Rogerson, the firm’s founder. He is assisted by Joseph Gyverson, Matthew A. Giesingerand James Bennett , who complement our domestic and international family law practice.

Contact Rogerson Law Group at (416) 504 2259 – Our experienced Family Lawyers can offer you sound & strategic advise for domestic (Greater Toronto Area) & international family disputes or litigation involving  multi-jurisdictional matter.