Andrew Rogerson: My Approach to Asset Protection

Navigating my way through 37 fascinating years in asset protection practice, I have learned to listen very carefully to my clients.  Not just to what they tell me about the specific problem, but also the background and their overall situation.

This is because a carefully crafted asset protection plan needs to be unique to the client to cater for their difficulties needs and aspirations. I am seven when I listen to clients superb bought a suit off-the-peg, as it were, from reading on the Internet.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with asset protection. The client’s needs and structuring need to be carefully dealt with, often through a number of consultations – not just with the client, but through team work with the client’s accountant, and other professionals.  But the most important member of the team is the client: only they can tell us whether the proposals that we bring to the table are going to work to protect them and their family.

I spent many years practicing in the Caribbean and the Channel Islands. My extensive coalface experience of establishing offshore trusts and corporations created as part of an asset protection scheme, and defending them in court, gives me a very intimate knowledge of the whole spectrum of asset protection.  I write and lecture frequently on the subject, and invariably bring back to my time in the offshore world, and apply it to today’s environment.

Today, I deal with offshore trust companies and banks in many different jurisdictions.  I can confidentially assure you that there are effective solutions to the problems of all clients who are living in – or trading with – virtually every country.

My advice extends beyond offshore asset protection in the form of tax savings. There are many other ways that I work in conjunction with clients’ accountants to protect their assets using purely domestic vehicles.

Whatever your situation and needs, I can assist and your family.

Andrew Rogerson