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Divorce/Family Lawyer Barrie – With Cross Border Expertise! Domestic Violence & Assault Lawyer in Barrie, Toronto

Domestic Violence & Assault Lawyer in Barrie, Toronto

Domestic violence is a scourge on society and causes potentially lasting harm for the victim and any children involved, as well as the victim’s family. The experienced family and domestic violence lawyers at Rogerson Law Group are available now for urgent advice and action, and action on your behalf. We can arrange for third party involvement where necessary.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is the use of physical or sexual force – whether actual or threatened – within the home, usually by a partner or spouse (or ex). It can include threats to children, to other family members, pets and property; and also includes psychological, verbal, emotional, or financial abuse. In short, domestic violence is extremely wide ranging.

Sadly, domestic violence and assault within the home often goes undetected and unreported, until serious harm is done. This is partly because it is not uncommon for the victim to believe she (the victim is normally female) is at fault, that she has brought the violence upon herself, and should therefore tolerate it in the hope things will get better. Unfortunately, this does not usually happen. If you are the victim of domestic abuse – you must get help before it is too late.

What can we do for you?

There are a number of steps we can take on your behalf at what is a very difficult time for you. You will be in an extremely vulnerable position, but we can contact outside agencies to protect you and your family; and to take enforcement action against the perpetrator.

Restraining orders: these are also called ‘peace bonds’ and ‘no contact’ orders. We can apply to court for a restraining order (or peace bond if your abuser is not your spouse or ex spouse) to prevent your abuser from contacting you. If family proceedings have already begun, we will seek a restraining order as part of those proceedings.

The restraining order will list conditions that the court says your spouse/ex partner must comply with. For instance, it may ban him from coming near you and your place of work; your children’s school; or from contacting you. If he breaches the terms, the police can arrest him.

Criminal charges: your abuser can be charged by the police with domestic abuse, however, great care is needed. The Ontario police cannot withdraw charges once they have been made, even if you withdraw statements about threats or abuse. It is increasingly common for criminal charges to be used to force a spouse out of the matrimonial home and to obstruct their custody or access in relation to children. However, the fact is that domestic abuse and violence is frequently a precursor to a marriage or relationship breakdown, when things become strained to breaking point. We will take full details of the abuse and violence you have endured, and discuss potential police involvement with you.

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The family and child support lawyer team is led by Andrew Rogerson, the firm’s founder. He is assisted by Matthew A. Giesinger and James Bennett , who complement our domestic and international family law practice.

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